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Several statistical compilations of mining claim activity on Federal land derived from the Bureau of Land Management&#;s LRdatabase have

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federal mining claims Gold Mining ClaimsFAQ&#;s About Mining ClaimsWhat is an unpatented goldAn Unpatented mining claim is a particular parcel of Federal land, valuable for

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We get a lot of requests for gold claim maps in Alaska. There areMining Claims InformationThis new site maps both State & Federal claims. Great! bullet federal mining claims

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The United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) explains: A mining claim can be located on federal lands (BLM and Forest Service) that are open to

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The bottom line is that you need to file for a mining claim if you intend on doing anyAs you may have guessed by now, federal claims are used to prospect for

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and purchase certain valuable mineral deposits on those federal lands that are open for mining claim location and patent (“open to mineral entry”). The law sets

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Mining Rights. Mineral rights can be obtained on State or Federal lands that are open to mineral entry. Mining claims, leases, and mineral material sales apply to

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A mining claim gives the holder the right to mine on federal land, while a patent gives the holder outright ownership of mineral-rich land that belongs to the federal mining claims

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In Alaska, there are two sets of mining regulations to become familiar with, State and Federal, depending on who manages the land on which a claim may be

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coal and other mineral development, land and mineral title, mining claims, withdrawals, classifications, and more on federal lands or on federal mineral estate. federal mining claims

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Historically, annual assessment work and related filings have been required by statute in order to maintain an unpatented mining claim or site.

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NHE hold senior rights to over,acres of State of Alaska mining claims with the exception ofacres in grandfathered federal claims. The main mining

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM or ``we&#;&#;) amends its regulations governing mining operations involving metallic and some other

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PATENTED MINING CLAIM: A patented mining claim is one for which the Federal Government has passed its title to the claimant, making it private land.

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These aluminum claim signs are the perfect answer to a clear & inexpensive way to clearly mark your claims so that other prospectors can avoid them. They are

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While you may locate and record a mining claim before

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Use of timber rights means the use of as much of the timber on the claim as is necessary for the mining operation only. While Federal location mining claims are

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Sample affidavit and notice of intent to hold mining claims and sites..Most Federal laws regarding mining on public land can be found in the United.

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federal mining claims OK, so still what is a claim? A mining claim is a piece of publicly accessible federal land located in states that are open for mineral entry and

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federal mining claims Land claim(s) are a legal declaration of desired control over areas of property including bodiesTo obtain a patent, the owner of a mining claim must prove to the federal government that the claim contains locatable minerals that can be

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Tunnel SitesA tunnel site is a subsurface right-of-way under Federal land open to mineral entry. It is used for access to lode mining claims or to explore for

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Can I camp on my unpatented mining claim? All users of our NationalWhat is a mining claim? A mining claim is a selected parcel of Federal land, valuable.

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Federal Mining Claims are granted to US Citizens for the purpose of extracting the minerals for commercial gain. Rockhounding does not

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federal mining claims As interest in mining claims grows, so does the amount of mis-information that isand unlike other reviews, can all be verified with state and federal agencies.

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federal mining claims Like federal mining law, Alaska mining laws provide for nonexclusive access toMining claims may be located by what is know as aliquot part legal description,

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While the United States&#; gold rush days officially ended in thes, for many people the dream of staking a claim and striking it rich continues to this day.

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Mining claims are available on federal lands indifferent states and are open to any citizen who qualifies as an adult in his state of residence. While most

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The principal means of acquiring mining rights on federal lands is location of mining claims under the Mining Law of. That statute, enacted when the West

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The law in the United States allows you to stake a mining claim on some federal lands throughout the country. Federal lands where you can

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A mining claim is a portion of federal public mineral lands that an individual holdsBasic federal and Washington State law for staking a claim requires that you: